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MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization

When the prospect of legal, adult-use cannabis in Minnesota seemed far off, the debate focused much more on if we should legalize the plant and less on the how. Cannabis advocates at the Minnesota State Fair encouraged passersby for years to support legalization, not to explore how to create a new regulated industry from theContinue reading “MN Legislators: Social Equity Along With Cannabis Legalization”

Minnesota Cannabis Supporters Set Sail

The sounds of chants and the smell of cannabis filled the air Sunday afternoon as legalization supporters throughout the state gathered at the Harriet Island Park in St. Paul. The purpose was an annual boat ride, dubbed “Loud on the River”, and a march to raise awareness for cannabis legalization in the state.

The Racial History of Cannabis Prohibition in Minnesota

Since the early days of cannabis prohibition in Minnesota, racism has been a driving force in increasing funding for enforcement and worsening the severity of punishment for those caught. While politicians today may claim that their support for drug enforcement is not racist in of itself, it does serve to support the continuation of policiesContinue reading “The Racial History of Cannabis Prohibition in Minnesota”

Rep. Winkler: Legalization Hopefully One Election Away

Representative Ryan Winkler joined legalization advocates Wednesday morning for a virtual discussion on H.F. 4632, a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis. If passed, the House Majority Leader’s bill (with 33 co-authors) would extend the right to possess and grow a limited amount of cannabis to adults age 21 and older. It would also establish aContinue reading “Rep. Winkler: Legalization Hopefully One Election Away”

Minnesota US House Candidates Vary on Cannabis

On Sunday, the Minnesota DFL Party announced its nominated candidates for the United States House of Representatives. This means that two of the four major party’s in Minnesota now have their delegate-endorsed candidates for November locked in for the US House. While we can assume that candidates from Legal Marijuana Now and Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis supportContinue reading “Minnesota US House Candidates Vary on Cannabis”

Red Lake Nation Passes Medical Cannabis Referendum

Members of the Red Lake Nation made history on Wednesday by becoming the first tribal nation in Minnesota to vote in favor of a medical cannabis referendum. This program will be the only source of legal medical cannabis flower in Minnesota as the state’s program currently only allows oils, topicals, and pills. This vote comes just days after the Minnesota Senate voted down a measure to expand the state’s limited cannabis program to include flower to patients over the age of 21.

Cannabis Seeds Explained

If you’re looking to start growing cannabis at home once the Minnesota legalization legislation passes, then you’ll need to learn about seeds and how to grow them. While you will eventually be able to buy clones from retail locations throughout the state, those won’t open for sale until a couple of years after adult-use cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Seeds Explained”

Video: What Happened with Medical Cannabis in MN?

Check out the below video to learn a little bit more about what happened this weekend at the Minnesota Legislature with medical cannabis: Are you a medical patient in Minnesota who would have made use of this change? We’d love to hear from you. Please email tanner@mncannabiscollege.com

A Minnesotan Dispensary

This post is part of an ongoing exploration into the new piece of legislation introduced into the Minnesota House of Representatives by Rep. Ryan Winkler, H.F. 4632. The full bill text can be found here. Welcome to our second deep dive into House File No. 4632, a piece of legislation that gives us a glimpseContinue reading “A Minnesotan Dispensary”


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